About us

We are your Lightbend consulting partner that wants to help you create a robust software platform using reactive technology.

Vision for a reactive architecture solution

We expect reactive architecture to become the defacto standard for software design in the future.

Currently teams struggle to keep up with ever and fast changing business needs, while user expectations as well as usage profiles of your infrastructure keep going up. To be able to handle all these modern needs, your solutions platform needs to rely on technology that is build to be responsive and robust by design.

Reaktika believes that a reactive architecture with Lightbend technology is able to help transform applications to be robust and future-proof with the help of the recent rise of infrastructure frameworks.

Use cases

Reaktika's solutions around reactive Lightbend technology are especially effective in data-driven solutions and modernisation projects.

Main Office

Veldkant 33B
Kontich 2550

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